Aldo Electricals assures the best services at all times. Our solution includes Erection, Testing and commissioning of outdoor and indoor substation equipments with the out door structure, H.T.Panel and L.T. Panel, Transformer, DG Set, Bus duct, Rising Mains, Cabling and Termination, Earthing and other allied works. We offer the following services in electrification field.

We are doing variety of services.

1. Internal electrification in buildings.
2. power Quality Audit

3. Testing and commissioning Of HT/LT , UPS& DG Sets

4. Calibrations of All types meters & Relays

5. Preventive maintenance and Annul Maintenance Services

6. Comprehensive and Non Comprehensive Electrical maintenance

7. Drawing Approvals

8. All related Bescom works

9. Electrical Inspectorate work

10. Electrical Consultancy

11. All type ACBs ,VCBs RMU Servicing

12. Earth pits re conditions Salt treatments& Resistance checking’s

13. Displaying Of man power 24/7 maintenance

Contracting of substations, Switch yard and Static varsystems, and conduct and wire Installation, Control wiring Structural Steel erection , Aluminum bus installation, Welding, and installation , of substation bus and wire system Concrete Contraction Trenching Backfilling and site work,

We handle contracts of any size and services including new concept design, electrical supply,
Our Vision – to provide Electrical Installation and Maintenance services to complete satisfaction of customer and also to safeguard the clients station equipment.
1 The rates quoted for Non-comprehensive AMC

2 once we have selected we will produce 52 weeks PM schedule and will carry out as
per the scheduled.
3 The PM jobs will be carried on weekends on Saturday/Sundays

4 Any breakdown calls will be attended within TWO HOURS and completed within 4 to5
Any replacement of components like ACB/MCCB/MCBS will be done within 24 Hours
and alternative arrangements will be made till such time, to restore power supply
6 AMC will be covered only for Repairing of Transformers, Electrical panels/SMSBC/and
all Raw power, Lighting, Lift panels

7 Non-Comprehensive AMC will not be covered in case of Major fires due to other causes
including electric cal short circuits, and will cover only for functional failures
of components
8 In the eventualities and major breakdowns as per 7 an estimate will be made
and separate bills will be submitted

9 All Electrical equipments and components has to covered under general Fire Insurance
by the clients

10 All complaints should be intimated by e-mail/Mobile

11 Submission of Commissioning Test Report

12 Submission of Power Quality Audit Report


1 Checking of all internal wirings
2 Checking of all cable terminations and tightening the same
3 Meager testing of all the cables and circuits
4 Servicing of AMF/DG panels in all respects
5 checking the tightness of Bus bar connections in all panels
6 Checking the earth pit conditions measuring the earth resistance with earth tester
and submitting the Report.
7 Attending Electrical Inspectorate observation as per the report at additional cost
8 Checking of Thermograph and hot spot at various points is included
Al, Tools, Measuring Instruments will be supplied by us for carrying out Maintenance

9 Our Technicians deployed by us will be covered under ESI, PF Insurance Leave etc..
SLA will be submitted

The following routine tests are required to be done for 11KV/ 433V Transformer as per IS standards:
1. Check whether the Transformer has been grounded or mounted on the plinth properly and firmly.
2. Whether the Neutral and body Earth have been connected to proper earth pits.
3. Check Oil Levels, Di-Electric Strength and Acidity Values. The Di-Electric Strength value should be 50 KV for 1 Minute in 2.5mm sphere gap. The acidity value should be preferably at least 0.1 KOH per gram
4. Check whether all the accessories such as Bocholt’s Relay and Thermometer etc., are properly connected to A&T contacts.
5. Meager the Transformer for Insulation resistance and tally with the Manufacturers test report

6. Check all the cable connections and meager results of the cable and earth pit values.
7. Before charging, Use a lower rated fuse on the HT side and charge the Transformer without load and check the voltage on the LT Side.
The following routine tests are required to be done for L.T.Switchgear as per IS standards:
1. Check the switchboard, whether it is properly and firmly connected with 2 separate earth pits
2. Also ensure that all body switches are checked and connected to earth pits.
3. Tighten all bolts and nuts, particularly Bus Bars and Insulation.
4. Check Megger value with 1000 Volts Megger and the results should not be less than the value as given in the relevant Indian Standard Specifications.
5. Check high voltage test with 2.5 KV H.V Test kit for 1 minute between phases and between phase and earth.
6. After HV test again test Meager.
7. Two functional tests of all control wirings.
8. If there are any Relays, Secondary injection test has to be conducted by M.T Division as per the requirement of Electrical inspectorate
9. C.T. should also be tested for proper ratio
10 All Meters, CTs, Relays are to calibrated.
11. All the testing instruments should be checked for accuracy by approved testing laboratories

Electrical Safety




Electrical Safety Requirements

  • Construction, installation, protection, operation and maintenance of electric supply lines and apparatus- 1[(1) All electric supply lines and apparatus shall be of sufficient ratings for power, insulation and estimated fault current and of sufficient mechanical strength, for the duty which they may be required to perform under the environmental conditions of installation, and shall be constructed, installed, protected, worked and maintained in such a manner as to ensure safety of 2[human beings, animals and property].]

Temporary Electrical Installations

  • Usually this type of installations are required in the construction sites.
  • The electrical load to be estimated first then accordingly the power been drawn from the electrical pole to the temporary Distribution Board.
  • This activity to be assigned to a qualified, experienced and authorized persons so that they will carryout this activity with at most care and safety.
  • Ensure the installation should be supervised by the authorized electrical supervisor with valid license.
  • Electrical system should be earthed properly as per standards.
  • Colour coding to be followed for the cables.
  • LOTO (Lock Out and Tagged out) – a safety measure to work on electrical installations to be get adopted

Electrical Fires – Causes and Control


Safety Procedures in Electrical Maintenance Work


Safety features in Electrical Controls and Switch Gears


Electrical equipments in Hazardous areas

Electrical equipments in Hazardous areas like High noise (stone quarry) areas, High dust (Cement Industry) areas, High temp. areas (iron and steel factory) etc., are to be protected by following:

  • Panels and electrical installations are to be covered and properly ventilated & lit up
  • Frequent  / periodic maintenance activity to be carried out on these installations
  • Frequent / periodic thermography tests to be conducted so that if any hotspots in the system can be rectified
  • Electrical installations are properly insulated and earthed
  • Earth pits to be checked periodically for its resistance & if required to be reconditioned
  • If any terminals are exposed to nature – it should be protected against moisture and damage
  • Proper signages of incoming and outgoing panels with cable size, voltage class with arrow marks to be provided on the installations
  • Only authorized personnel to be allowed to operate and maintain the electrical installations
  • Equipment history records to be maintained to understand the behaviour of the equipment in the past

Relay protection for Electrical system


Switches, MCBs, ELCB, ACBs & VCBs


Measuring instruments