Mr. J . John Sampath Kumar, B.A, D.E.E , with over 25 years of experience in Electrical Engineering. He attends all Tender Negotiation meetings, Presentation & Technical support and Co-ordination with Architects, Consultants, PMCs and clients regarding site meetings, Site Visit and assurance of quality all the site engineer project co-coordinators, site supervisors and Technicians come under his direct Control. He is in-charge of materials management including material purchases, stock, issue an inventory control for all projects, other than these, he also manages the office administration, and statutory bodies.
For business, a high quality electrical installation can make all the difference between uninterrupted productivity and disastrous downtime. For residences, I can directly impact the quality of life.
Aldo Electricals & Services Pvt Ltd is a class 1 electrical contractor. For us every projects is an opportunity to deliver perfection at value prices by consistently adhering to the highest quality standards and meeting deadlines.
With a dedicated approach to electrical installation, we set you free to focus on what matters. At Aldo Electricals & Services Pvt Ltd a pledge is made – right across the company – to provide the finest electrical installation, and back it with unmatched services support.
A dedicated team is assigned to each project for execution, along with 24/7 support to rapidly resolve any interruptions. This ensures operational continuity, greater productivity and customer delight.


Aldo Electricals & Services Pvt Ltd was conceived in 2003 by Mr. John Sampath – a technocrat with over 20 years experience in the Electricals Installation Industry. A partnership company, we have demonstrated our world-class expertise, competency and timely completion in a vast number of complex projects that include IT facilities, residential projects, Hotels, Educational Institutions, HT and LT Installations.

Headquartered in Bangalore – Asia’s Silicon Valley

Aldo Electricals & Services Pvt Ltd has a plan to open office in Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune in the near future.

At Aldo Electricals & Services Pvt Ltd each project is taken up as a challenging assignment and imparted with a focused approach. Separate workgroups are created to oversee Designing, Estimation, Tendering, Materials Management, Project execution and liaising with statutory bodies. A Quality Cell is formed to monitor and ensure safety and quality to international standards. HT and LT installations and  DG sets UPS, A/C plants HT/LT transformer, Substation plants in Software Technology parks Bio-Tech parks, Industries etc., are taken care of by a separate team.

Team Aldo Electricals & Services Pvt Ltd always operates at peak efficiency, thanks to our cutting-edge infrastructure & equipment and end-to-end administrative support. Our expertise runs right across the entire spectrum of electrical installations and services. Further, our friendly relations with BESCOM can translate into huge savings on cable and other infrastructure costs.

Regular training workshops for technical skill updating, continuous improvement of processes and practices, up gradation of equipment as and when required…. Every operational aspect is fine-tuned and enhanced to deliver the best electrical installation possible, along with applied services.

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Aldo Electricals & Services Pvt Ltd Everyday, we push the limits of our capabilities. Every day, we go that extra mile to go beyond client expectations by taking a holistic approach towards the art & science of electrical installations- thereby giving us an enviable track record of completing projects always ahead of schedule. It’s no wonder that our clientele comprise some of the world’s best known corporate.           



The occupational health, safety and welfare of all employees engaged in the work site is the primary concern of Aldo Electricals & Services Pvt Ltd and several measures have already been introduced in this regard.

However, depending upon the specific condition and type of work, safety procedures will have to be evolved and implemented by the Site In-charge, who is responsible to ensure that all workers under him shall observe the following safety codes:

  1. Work Place: Safely first duty next is our slogan.All    workers shall restrict their operation to the designated work spots and do not leave the place without the knowledge of their Supervisiors. They are required to strictly follow the “IN & OUT” regulations of the respective   workstation and as  laid down by the principle employer.
  1. Hazardous work are:  The Hazardous working area/condition shall be identified and work will be carried out under direct supervision of the Engineer/Supervisor. The Company, Whose guidance Shall be taken for any specific purpose, engages a Separate expertise agent

3. Working at height:  Proper means of working at height, safelty and convenience shall be employed using special scaffolding, stepladders, Platform ladders, scissors, lifts that are kept in perfect working conditions, All workers working at height shall use Safety belts provided by the firm, however small the duration of the job may be.

  1. Tools and Tackles: Appropriate class and capacity of tolls and tackles shall be Employed for all erection jobs with sufficient margin of Safety. Every job shall be worked on with the appropriate tool only, For floor/wall cutting, special electric hand tolls shall be used.
  1. First Aid: Sufficient numbers of First Aid boxes are located at work place and are easily accessible to the workers. In the event of any injury/accident the same shall be made use giving First aid and immediately followed with regular medical Attendance. Subsequenty the matter should be reported to The Project Engineer/Head Office. All workmen are covered Under ESI facilities.
  1. Personnel Protective: The following personal protective equipment are provided to each and every workman for daily use:

a) Hard Hat

b) Safety Shoes/ Work Clothes – regular for normal work and Rubber soled shoes for working in the vicinity of Live line.

c) Safety Belt

d) Hand gloves

e) Eye Protection goggles and welding shields

f) Respiratory filters

g) Steel capped safety boots

  1. Barricades: All vulnerable area shall be barricaded by temporary Railings/ropes/chains and provided with lights during night and flagged during day, Suitable precaution shall be taken for “Fall Projection”.
  1. Gas cylinders: Gas cylinders shall be mounted on suitable trolleys, chained and locked.
  1. Communication: For communication, suitable cordless phone/bells supplied by the firm shall be employed to give proper signal
  1. Fire Protection : Different class and type of Fire Extinguishers are provided at appropriate location and the workers are trained in its proper use.
  1. Permits: No work shall be carried out on energized systems unless and until proper line clear is obtained in writing and returned after the completion of work.
  1. Temporary Electric Power: All temporary power cables shall be supported on proper poles and bound, clear of movement of men and vehicles, All circuits shall be provided with eath leakage circuit breakers(ELCB) and earthing.
  1. Smoking Prohibited: The workers shall desist from smoking at the work place.


Sl.No Clients Name / Project Name Type of Contract
1 M/s.JLL – Yahoo

M/.s JLL – Acenture

A M C/ Maintenance

Electrical Work

2 M/s. HCL – IBC


Maintenance 24/7
3 M/s. Tata consultacy service HT LT maintenance & project work
4 M/s. SLK Software Services Pvt. Ltd., Ele Project  & intirial work
5 M/s. Manyatha Teckpark – Embassy  H T&L T  Work in Property side
6 M/s. Bagmane Tech Park. Electrical Project Work
7 M/s. IBM Manyata Annual shutdown & Ele work 4years
8 M/s. EMC  2 Project work UPS
9 M/s. Sun Guard Solution Pvt. Ltd., Electrical Work
10 M/s. i-Flex Solutions CV/R Maintenance
11 M/s.Reheja Chancery Electrical&housekeepinMaintenance
12 M/s. Dalikia India Ltd.


Electrical Works
13 M/s. Computer Sceince Corporation


 A M C
14 M/s. Talisma Intirial work /Maintenance 24/7
15 M/s.Snom HT / LT Project   250 kva
16 M/s. Johnson Controls Ltd.,

M/s.Motorola India Ltd.,

M/s. Gendral Motros

M.s. Perrot System

M/s. Bagmane Tech




Electricals Work/


17 M/s. Capita India Pvt. Ltd.,


Electrical Work
18. M/s. Writemen Media Pvt. Ltd., Electical Project Work
19. M/S.Serco BPO Private Ltd, Electical Project Work
20. M/S MVJ Medical College Electical Project Work
21. M/S. Colliers International (India)Property


Electical Project Work
22. M/S.Cushman & Wakefield Property Management Electical Project Work
23. M/S. Larsen & Turbo Infotech Ltd Electical Project Work (AMC)
24. M/S.Silver Software Pvt Ltd. Maintenance 24/7
25. M/S.Golflinks Software Park Pvt Ltd. Electical Project Work
26. M/S.Flipkart Internet Pvt.Ltd Electical Project Work
27. M/S.SanDisk IN Device Design Centre Pvt Ltd. Electical Project Work (AMC)
28. M/S.CBRE South Asia Pvt Ltd. Electical Project Work